Living in Puerto Banus

Living in Puerto Banus

Life in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is situated on the gorgeous Costa del Sol a mere six kilometres from the holiday hotspot of Marbella. It is a city that will take your breath away thanks to its stunning beauty and natural scenery. Puerto Banus offers up a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere and provides residents a very high quality of life.

Individuals seeking a residential property on the Costa del Sol, should look no further than Puerto Banus. The Spanish city has a number of high-quality properties to purchase or rent. The Costa del Sol averages an unbelievable 320 days of sunlight each year. No wonder the residents of Puerto Banus are so happy, they receive an ample amount of Vitamin D.

The city is a playground for wealthy individuals and people seeking a place to raise their family in peace. With chic restaurants, cafes, and shops, you will find something to love in Puerto Banus. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the beach and city’s location on the Mediterranean Sea.

Living in Puerto Banus
Living in Puerto Banus

Property Prices in Puerto Banus

  • The average price by square metre for Puerto Banús is €5,225 , an increase of 0.03% compared in 2021.
  • The average price for properties in Puerto Banús in June 2021 was €1,268,724 based on 326 properties in the Physis Realty sale portfolio.
  • The areas with the lowest prices in Puerto Banús are La Campana and Aloha, with an average price of €322,800 € and €582,583 respectively.

Local Property Prices in the Puerto Banus Area

La Campana 342,800 €
Aloha 561,819 €
Dama de Noche 789,800 €
Las Brisas 1,238,582 €
Puerto Banús 1,088,755 €
Los Naranjos 1,929,722 €
Nueva Andalucía 1,974,582 €

Historical Property Prices in Puerto Banus

Physis Realty is the Most Trusted Estate Agent in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus History

Puerto Banus opened in 1970 as a tourist resort haven. Since it opened a half century ago, it has become a popular place for ex-pats to relocate to. It has also become a city many Spanish residents seek out due to its beauty and the quality of life provided there.

In terms of the Costa del Sol, Puerto Banus has a reputation for being the playground of wealthy individuals. It is a city in which you can live the high life. The city was designed by Russian architect Noldi Schreck along with Spanish contractor José Banus. It is the developer that gave his name to the resort city.

Puerto Banus’s design was inspired by the Mediterranean coastal villages that dot the Costa del Sol. Rather than stand out from the villages around it with gawdy high rises, Puerto Banus has gone for a more traditional look, which offers an atmosphere unlike many of the resort villages around the region.

Puerto Banus Location

The designers envisaged Puerto Banus as a luxurious marina to attract wealthy people. They expected yachts and sailboats bringing the rich to Puerto Banus to shop at designer boutiques and to eat at five-star restaurants. Today, Puerto Banus is the crown jewel of the entire Marbella area.

The city is a mere six kilometres from Marbella city centre. You can visit Marbella and many of the other resort villages in the area with ease. Malaga, the largest city on the Costa del Sol, is just 60 kilometres down the Mediterranean coastline. Malaga is the home of an international airport, which makes travel within or outside of Spain a headache-free task.

Puerto Banus is situated south of Nueva Andalucía, which is better known as Andalusia’s Golf Valley. Developer Jose Banus also created Golf Vally during the late 1960s and the 1970s. The city is protected by coastal mountains with the centrepiece of the range being La Concha, which stands 1,200 metres tall. It is a great area to spend the day hiking. The natural scenery around Puerto Banus is stunning. Along with coastal mountains, you will find the Rio Verde and Mediterranean Sea.

Life in Puerto Banus

Perhaps the reason Puerto Banus is so popular with expats seeking a Spanish property is that it has been kept traditional in appearance. While many of the resort towns and villages along the Costa del Sol were developed as modern holiday escapes, Puerto Banus was not one of them.

The city buzzes with life each day and you are likely to see the restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques filled with customers. Some come from the nearby towns and villages, while many patrons are the ones that live in Puerto Banus.

A walk around the city’s marina will offer up views of million-euro yachts and sportscars owned by wealthy individuals. Some live in Puerto Banus, others have holiday homes, and a few are just passing through town. Puerto Banus has a number of residential areas with gorgeous properties located near the marina. There are also apartments that overlook the water. The views provided by these luxury properties are breath-taking and worth the price alone.

You will be provided all of the luxury amenities you could want living in Puerto Banus. The city combines its gorgeous marina and Mediterranean lifestyle with the Andalusian culture. The people are easy going and life slows down in Andalusia.

Why live in Puerto Banus?

The weather is the stand out reason to move yourself and your family to Puerto Banus. The region receives 320 days of sun a year. That fact alone is enough for expats to head to the city on the Costa del Sol.

Once in Puerto Banus, you can enjoy two very welcoming beaches. Rio Verde and El Duque are incredible beaches with clean Mediterranean waters to splash around in. The beaches offer plenty of great fun during the day while the clubs are perfect for a night out in the city. If you are looking for even more nighttime excitement, Marbella is just a few kilometres away.

The winters are warm and comfortable with the average temperature hitting 16 °C. In summer, the mercury averages temperatures of 25°C to 30 °C. The summer is perfect for spending every day at the beach or at the golf course.

Along with an unbeatable lifestyle, you have the chance to spend much of your free time amongst the local nature. Mountains, forests, and of course, beaches, are all around you. Donana National Park is nearby. Daytrips to the park offer a great day out.

Puerto Banus and Marbella are well connected to the rest of Spain and all of Europe. Malaga’s international airport makes it easy to catch a flight to major cities around the United Kingdom and Europe. You are able to make connecting flights to other areas as well as the United States, Canada, or Asia.

If you want to live in one of Spain’s most beautiful regions and enjoy an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, then make Puerto Banus your new home.

How to Get a Car Pass for Puerto Banus

Being the Premiere Luxury Realtor in Marbella and surrounding areas we gift our clients (buying or selling) a Port Pass so they can take their car into Puerto Banus directly.

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